Durango fire update

Durango Fire Update

A brief Durango fire update: The fire north of Durango, now called the 416 Fire, began on June 1st this year. Unofficially, sparks from a passing train in the mountains caused this fire. The sparks caught fire due to the extreme dryness of the area. As of June 20th the fire had grown to 34,177 acres, at 35% containment. 687 personnel were assigned to fight and contain the blaze. This fire presents a unique challenge because the entire southwest region of Colorado is considered to be in an extreme drought. 

Durango Fire Update

The fire has not consumed any homes at this time. However, smoke damage is certainly adding up. “Burnouts” have been conducted around some homes to prevent the fire from spreading to their properties.

A burnout is a preventative measure by fire departments. Trees, brush, and anything organic and flammable surrounding a house are ignited so that the fire can’t use that material later to keep growing.  

For several weeks in late June and early July, highway 550 was closed heading into Durango. Even trains were shut down. In past years, residents say, it was either/ or. This year, it was both. The combination of the two has been very difficult for businesses. But the city of Durango wants everyone to know that their local shops are still open for business, and the town is on the upswing.  


Restoration in Durango 

There are several restoration companies located in Durango. In our recent talks with them they’ve all stated that they will be at maximum capacity. Fire and smoke restoration services over the next few months will keep them busy. As a result, we are heading to Durango to help repair homes and mitigate fire damage to buildings and property. We support local companies.  

In particular, we will be adding the support of our contents cleaning so that other restoration companies can focus on rebuilding homes, while we take care of the customers’ belongings.  Along with contents cleaning we will be offering a full list of other services to anyone in need in the the Durango area.  

If you or anyone you know in the Durango area has need of our services, please call us. We are happy to help in any way we can.  We will also provide you all with a future Durango fire update. 

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